Getting Verified On Twii

What is verification?

Verified profiles are confirmed by an administrator to represent who they say to. Profiles are reverified whenever a user changes their pictures, and the verification process is completed by uploading a picture of yourself with today's date and the message "Twii.Club" written on a piece of paper, with a unique number provided by the app. The 'verified' checkmark beside a someone's profile let's you know they've been verified, and are who they appear to be, at least at face value!

Who is it for?

Any users can request verification, from within the application. We will not verify profiles with less than 3 uploaded pictures, and we will likely reject profiles with less than 5 uploaded pictures. Before requesting verification, be sure to complete your profile as much as you'd like to.

How do I get verified?

You can request verification through the Twii application, on your mobile device. Once you're signed in, click the profile tab at the bottom to bring up your user profile, and at the top, press the checkmark to start a new verification request.